The people who brought you Alec
Alec Eiffel was created by Jean-Michel Biel and Christophe Gourraud, and is online since may 13. 1996.

For all questions on the WWW page, email Jean-Michel.

For all that concerns the Pixies themselves, the poll or the discography, email Christophe.

We wish to thank the following persons, for their precious help:
Carlos Lopez, who maintains Alec's Spanish section,
Kurt Kindermann, who is responsible for the new design of this site,
Patrick "Planet of Sound" Asselman

Thanks also go to
Dag "Debaser" Wiers
Martin Moeller
Michael Driscoll
Ralf Henneking
and all those who helped us bringing up Alec!

Type in your e-mail address and press the button if you want to know when Alec Eiffel is updated (no acknowledgement).

You will receive a detailed description of what has been modified, each time an important update is done.