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news 07-01-2007

Pixies Acoustic - Live in Newport Pixies Club Date - live at the Paradise in Boston loudQUIETloud - a film about the Pixies
3 new Pixies DVD!

About one year after Pixies Sell Out, 3 new Pixies DVD have been released late 2006:

Christmass Frank Black Christmass album!
A few months after "Fast Man Raider Man", Cooking Vinyl has released a new Frank Black album comprised of live acoustic recordings from Summer 2006, along with five studio tracks recorded partly in hotel rooms and partly at Planet of Sound studios in Hartford, Connecticut. Christmass also features a DVD (NTSC format) with selections from one of the live acoustic shows and the whole things features seven new songs in total. The record is currently available as an exclusive to and Cooking Vinyl's online store (further information).

news 12-05-2006

Boston rocks, tell the world!
5 years ago, Dan Kramer set out to document the story of some of the most influential bands formed in Boston, including Pixies. In that time, many of the bands have reformed, but Dan has yet to find a distributor for his film. He's seeking to create a petition to bring to various distributors and record companies to prove to them this documentary has a built in fan base and would be profitable for them to release. So... please sign his petition!.

Fast Man Raider Man Frank Black new album!
Cooking Vinyl will release a new Frank Black double album entitled "Fast Man Raider Man" on June 19th. Recorded in Nashville and Los Angeles, the record features collaborations with Levon Helm (The Band), Tom Petersson (Cheap Trick), Steve Ferrone (Heartbreakers), Al Kooper, Marty Brown, P.F. Sloan, Simon Kirke (Bad Company, Free)... (further information on

news 29-11-2005

Fool The World Josh Frank's UK Table reading tour of "Fool The World"
Josh Frank, co-author of the Pixies biography "Fool the world", is doing a reading of the book in London on dec. 1 and 2:
    - December 1: Borders Books - 203 Oxford Street, London, W1D 7pm
    - December 2: Borders Books - Angel Centre, Islington, N1 7pm

Pixies homage
NYC-based t-shirt company Future Relic has released a shirt with a Pixies reference: Check it!

news 18-10-2005

New Pixies DVD!
A new Pixies DVD entitled Pixies sell out is available from Rhino Records. It mainly features a concert recorded in Belfort (France) in July 2004 as well as some other live songs recorded in various venues including Coachella and Fuji Rock festivals.

Soiree Pixies Soirée Pixies à Toulouse (in French only, sorry!)
La médiathèque associative de Toulouse et l'association Foutraque organisent le mercredi 26 octobre 2005 (à partir de 20h) une soirée spéciale Pixies avec Emmanuel Dazin, auteur de l'indispensable biographie du groupe sortie cet été aux éditions Le Castor Astral (plus d'infos). L'auteur dédicacera son livre à l'issue de la rencontre, qui sera suivie par une soirée indie rock 90's qui fera forcément la part belle aux Pixies!
Médiathèque Associative Les Musicophages - 6, Rue de la Bourse - Toulouse (France). Rens. :

news 26-07-2005

Online BBC radio documentary about the Pixies
A BBC documentary about the band is running online, featuring all four members of the band in their first UK broadcast interview since the early '90s.

news 19-07-2005

The Pixies have announced that they should at last record a follow-up to "Trompe Le Monde"!!! (further information).
---, again!
The Show (AKA offers new live recordings from the Pixies Spring/Summer 2005 tour.
The band will play an acoustic show in Portland on August 6, that will also be recorded and released by!

Frank Black's new album is out
"Honeycomb" is available in the USA from Back Porch Records and in Europe from Cooking Vinyl.

news 12-06-2004

Charles Douglas Joey Santiago on Charles Douglas' album!

Joey Santiago plays guitars on Charles Douglas' new album, "Statecraft" which was released a couple weeks ago on Enabler Records. Check it out at Indie Online (further information)!


Cooking Vinyl has released a double CD named "frankblackfrancis" featuring 1987 demos (recorded by producer Gary Smith with Black Francis alone to prepare the band's first studio recording sessions, the ones that gave birth to "The purple tapes" and "Come on Pilgrim"), as well as 2003 new versions of old Pixies songs, sung by Frank Black and produced by Pere Ubu's David Thomas' collaborators "Two Pale Boys" (further information).

The Martinis' album on Cooking Vinyl
The excellent Martinis' album "Smitten" is now distributed in the UK (and Europe) by Cooking Vinyl (and is still available in the USA from Distracted Records).
Have you already read the exclusive interview given by Joey and Linda for

news 06-13-2004

The Pixies release their first new song since 1991!!!
A download-only brand new Pixies song entitled Bam Thwok is on sale on!
Written (and sung) by Kim Deal, the song was produced and recorded by the band in March 2004 at Stagg Street Studios, Los Angeles. The song features an organ solo performed and recorded by Joey's father-in-law many years ago while he was doing missionary work in the Philippines (further information on NME, Billboard).

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