news 12-06-2004
Uncut - December 2004 Issue Pixies in Uncut's December issue!

The December issue of Uncut (with Neil Young on the cover) features a Black Francis exclusive on The Pixies, through a rare interview with Frank Black ((further information).


Cooking Vinyl has released a double CD named "frankblackfrancis" featuring 1987 demos (recorded by producer Gary Smith with Black Francis alone to prepare the band's first studio recording sessions, the ones that gave birth to "The purple tapes" and "Come on Pilgrim"), as well as 2003 new versions of old Pixies songs, sung by Frank Black and produced by Pere Ubu's David Thomas' collaborators "Two Pale Boys" (further information).

Frank Black's forthcoming double album
In addition, Frank Black also plans to release two albums' worth of material recorded earlier this year in Nashville, with a solo trek to follow. The first release will be titled "Honeycomb" but the second has yet to be named (source : Billboard).

New *LEGAL* live recordings available!
Disclive.com offers new live recordings from the Pixies Fall 2004 tour.
Moreover, the 12 final 2004 shows will be available from PixiesDiscs via CD Baby.
Music Today also offers download-only recordings from several 2004 concerts.
Last but not least, Munck Music offers a great live recording from the band's appearance on Voodoo 2004 festival.

The Martinis' album on Cooking Vinyl
The excellent Martinis' album "Smitten" is now distributed in the UK (and Europe) by Cooking Vinyl (and is still available in the USA from Distracted Records).
Have you already read the exclusive interview given by Joey and Linda for AlecEiffel.net?

news 06-13-2004

The Pixies release their first new song since 1991!!!
A download-only brand new Pixies song entitled Bam Thwok is on sale on iTunes.com!
Written (and sung) by Kim Deal, the song was produced and recorded by the band in March 2004 at Stagg Street Studios, Los Angeles. The song features an organ solo performed and recorded by Joey's father-in-law many years ago while he was doing missionary work in the Philippines (further information on NME, Billboard).

Disclive.com, again!
NetBurn and Disclive.com offers immediately available live recordings from the Pixies four night stand at the Brixton Academy in London. Purchase one of these limited edition CD’s and you'll receive a high-quality, individually numbered double CD digipak recording of the concert (1500 copies of each show), and you’ll also be able to download the concert within hours after it ends!
Sorry, all the shows are now sold out...

Magic! special edition
French magazine Magic! has just released a special edition dedicated to the Pixies. Its cover has been designed by Vaughan Olivier (who is also interviewed in the magazine), and it features lots of great information on the band, along with some exclusive photos!

The Martinis' exclusive interview!
The Martinis (Joey Santiago and Linda Mallari) were kind enough to give us an interview, exclusive to AlecEiffel.net, where they talk, amongst other things, about their first official full-length album, "Smitten" (released on May 4 through Distracted Records), their Philippine roots, their gear and... the Pixies!

XFM news
Prior to The Comeback Of The Year, Frank Black had a solo album on the way including his own personal reworkings of some Pixies classics. However, since the Pixies are now booked to play every venue under the sun for the next decade, the release has been put on the back burner. Plus news of another Pixies biography. For the full story, go to XFM website.

New sections!
The site features 2 new sections: a Pixies songs index (an index of all songs recorded - or rumored to be- by the Pixies, with all the official releases and notable unreleased versions) and a brand new pixies covers list.

No! That's just not right! The Pixies opening for us is like the Beatles opening for us. I won't allow it. There's no way we can follow the Pixies!" (Thom Yorke of Radiohead, Urb Magazine, November 2003)
The Pixies warm-up tour 2004, which has started on 04-13 in Minneapolis, has ended with the Coachella festival on May 1st (where the Pixies co-headlined with Radiohead). The European tour has started in Reykjavik on May 25., and will end in Scotland (T in the Park festival) on July 11., before the band comes back for a new North American tour in Fall (dates of the Pixies tour 2004 - updated 06-06!).
The setlists and reviews of the played shows (updated 06-06!) are available here!
We can also hope that the concerts may lead to some new studio recordings even if, according to David Lovering himself, the band has no plans to record anything new (thanks go to Steve for the information). Whatever, let's pray together!

Pixies to release 15 Live Albums!!!!!
Source : NME.com.
PIXIES are to release 15 live albums - one from each of gig on their forthcoming North American reunion tour. The records will all be strictly limited editions and fans at the concerts will have first chance to buy them. The live albums will be pressed at the shows in a limited edition of 1,000, with the exception of their Coachella Festival gig, where 2,000 will be made, Rolling Stone reports. Half of the CDs will be available to pre-order through disclive.com with the rest being sold at the show. Any left over will be sold through the website. The recordings are individually numbered, foil-stamped, limited edition double-CD copies and will feature artwork individual to each show.
Sorry, all the shows are now sold out...

For those who find that the Disclive covers are too "sober", Alex Sunder has designed different covers for each gig, that one can download here. He also offers Pixies pictures from the Curitiba festival!

Important notice!
AlecEiffel has got a brand new address : http://www.aleceiffel.net/.
Please update your links and bookmarks!

news 04-15-2004

The Martinis' new album!
The Martinis (featuring Joey Santiago on guitar) first official full-length album, "Smitten", is due on May 4 through Distracted Records. A very limited EP, "The Smitten Sessions EP" is already available in some selected US independent stores (further information).
You can already pre-order a limited edition autographed copy of the upcoming album!
news 01-05-2004

Pixies New Releases!
First due in 2002, the Pixies retrospective DVD has been released by 4AD in May 2004. "Pixies" features a complete live set (Town and Country 1988), all 8 Pixies videos and 2 documentaries.
4AD has also released a new 23 tracks "best of" CD, entitled "Wave of Mutilation - Best Of Pixies" (4AD notice).
Last but not least, an exclusive download-only Pixies digital single, which features "Where Is My Mind?" plus 3 live tracks, as well as high quality artwork in PDF format, is available for £3 from www.ilovepixies.com.


SPINart records has released a very limited Frank Black & the Catholics EP named "Nadine", which was a number of independent retailers across the US has been licensed by a number of independent retailers across the US. The EP features 5 tracks along which the title song (from the excellent LP Show me your tears) and a live version of Pixies' Gouge Away, recorded on April 4, 2003 at the State in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
news 07-03-2002

Planet of Sound, Alec's audio page is back! Thanks go to Dag "Debaser" Wiers!

SPINart records will release a Pixies rarities collection (due July 9). It will be titled simply The Pixies and consist of the nine songs recorded at Forty Apache in 1987 that did not make it on Come On Pilgrim (artwork | SPINart promo booklet - RTF | Billboard article)


SPINart records (them, again!) will also release 2 (two!) new Frank Black albums (due August 20). The first one will be titled Devil's Workshop, and the second one Black Letter Days.
Thanks to SPINart records, you can already read both albums lyrics and see their artwork!!!


David Bowie's latest album Heathen features a nice cover of the Pixies' Cactus (which appears on Surfer Rosa). It also features a cover of Neil Young's I've been waiting for you, already covered by... the Pixies (as a B-side for the Velouria single)!


4AD should release a Pixies retrospective DVD in 2002. This DVD may include (all?) promo videos, an (entire) live show, and bonus footage!


Bad news : The Australian band twelve24, whose great cover of Velouria appears on The LifeLike Records Pixies tribute album, "Pixies Fuckin' Die", has splitted. R.I.P.


After Death To The Pixies (1997) and At The BBC (1998), 4AD has issued on 03-03-2001 a 3rd posthumous Pixies compilation. This one is a mid-price release, including B-sides as well as 2 videos:

Complete B Sides (GAD2103CD)

  1. River Euphrates
  2. Vamos (live)
  3. In Heaven (live)
  4. Manta Ray
  5. Weird At My School
  6. Dancing The Manta Ray
  7. Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)
  8. Into The White
  9. Bailey's Walk
  10. Make Believe
  11. I've Been Waiting For You
  12. The Thing
  13. Velvety (Instrumental Version)
  14. Winterlong
  15. Santo
  16. Theme From Narc
  17. Build High
  18. Evil Hearted You
  19. Letter To Memphis (Instrumental Version)
  20. Here Come Your Man (Video)
  21. Alison (Video)

The Martinis (Joey Santiago's new band) have a web page. Get information, listen to their music, and BUY THEIR CD!
news 12-24-1998
A partial Pixies reunion took place on July 29 at MJI broadcasting in LA, when Joey Santiago and Frank Black jammed on two Pixies songs: "The Holiday Song" and "Wave Of Mutilation". If Joey Santiago already played with Frank Black (first solo album and tour, Kitchen Tapes available on Frank Black Live In Paris CD), this is the first time since Pixies break up that they played Pixies songs together. Note that these songs are also played by Frank Black & The Catholics on stage.
LifeLike Records and Bedazzled Records (from D.C.) will soon release a 100% indie Pixies tribute album. The compilation will focus on the 4AD/quirky pop side of the Pixies, and the covers should sound quite different from the originals. We will give you more information (tracklisting, release date, how to buy it) as soon as we get some.

Major labels also honour the Pixies legacy! Through their Glue Factory Records subsidiary, Warner Bros. have also initiated a Pixies tribute compilation (due March 6th 1999). The track-listing for this album should be as follows:

  • Weezer: Velouria
  • Superdrag: Wave of Mutilation
  • Getaway Cruiser: Gigantic
  • Far: Monkey Gone To Heaven
  • Weston: La, La, Love You
  • Siren Six: Holiday Song
  • Teen Heroes: Mantaray
  • Letters To Cleo: Debaser
  • Nada Surf: Where Is My Mind?
  • The Get Up Kids: Alec Eiffel
  • Samiam: Here Comes Your Man
  • Braid: Hey
Jesus And Mary Chain had offered to participate, but their contribution is in doubt since the walk out by William Reid, during their recent tour of the States (reported by Bigmouth).
You've certainly heard about Simon Larbalestier... He is a member of the mythical V23 design group and he is at the origin of most of the Pixies-related art. He has now set up a web site on which you can admire (and purchase!) his work. Don't miss it!
If you really like the Pixies, you have to visit this site, which compiles exceptional information from the now defunct fanzine Rock a my Soul.
We found a Pixies tape traders page there.
We are both avid Pixies collectors. If you have ANYTHING concerning the Pixies (records, articles, objects, stickers, memorabilia...) that you would like to trade, please contact us!

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