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Pixies Covers

Here is a long long list of Pixies covers, some of them officially released, others not. Some of them by famous artists, others by very obscure ones.

Where Is My Mind seems to lead the pack, far ahead of songs like Gigantic, Debaser, Gouge Away or Wave of Mutilation.

Here are some of the famous names you will see below: David Bowie, Radiohead, Pavement, Weezer, Ash, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Coldplay, The Divine Comedy, Belle And Sebastian, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Placebo, Grandaddy, Teenage Fanclub, dEUS, The Unbelievable Truth, Paul Westerberg (from The Replacements).

  1. Alec Eiffel
  2. Allison
  3. All Over The World
  4. Ana
  5. Bailey's Walk
  6. Blown Away
  7. Bone Machine
  8. Broken Face
  9. Cactus
  10. Caribou
  11. Dead
  12. Debaser
  13. Distance Equals Rate Times Time
  14. Ed Is Dead
  15. Gigantic
  16. Gouge Away
  17. Here Comes Your Man
  18. Hey
  19. I Bleed
  20. Into The White
  21. Isla de Encanta
  22. Is She Weird
  23. I've Been Tired
  24. La La Love You
  25. Letter to Memphis
  26. Levitate Me
  27. Manta Ray
  28. Mr. Grieves
  29. Monkey Gone To Heaven
  30. Motorway to Roswell
  31. No. 13 Baby
  32. Palace of the Brine
  33. Planet of Sound
  34. River Euphrates
  35. Silver
  36. Subbacultcha
  37. Tame
  38. The Happening
  39. The Holiday Song
  40. There Goes My Gun
  41. Trompe le Monde
  42. U-Mass
  43. Velouria
  44. Wave of Mutilation
  45. Where Is My Mind?

Alec Eiffel


All Over The World


Bailey's Walk

Blown Away

Bone Machine

Broken Face





Distance Equals Rate Times Time

Ed Is Dead


Gouge Away

Here Comes Your Man


I Bleed

Into The White

Isla De Encanta

Is She Weird

I've Been Tired

La La Love You

Letter To Memphis

Levitate Me

Manta Ray

Mr. Grieves

Monkey Gone To Heaven

Motorway To Roswell

No. 13 Baby

Palace Of The Brine

Planet Of Sound

River Euphrates




The Happening

The Holiday Song

There Goes My Gun

Trompe Le Monde



Wave Of Mutilation

Where Is My Mind?

Tribute albums to the Pixies

Death To The Pixies, We're Better! (PIAS BENELUX, 444.0005.29, Netherlands, 1998)

The project started with a Pixies covers contest launched by the magazine Oor, the radio station VPRO and Play It Again Sam (PIAS) label in October 1997.
11 bands were selected, playing grunge, new wave, new age, techno, or Dutch folk versions of Pixies songs. They were all invited to play live at the Paradiso in December 1997.
The compilation was released in February 1998.

Pixies Fuckin' Die! (a tribute) (LifeLike Records, USA, 1999)

LifeLike Records and Bedazzled Records (from D.C.) have released in May 1999 a 100% indie Pixies tribute album. The 19 track compilation focuses on the 4AD/quirky pop side of the Pixies.

Where Is My Mind? (Glue Factory Records, USA, 1999)

Major labels honoured the Pixies legacy too! Through their Glue Factory Records subsidiary, Warner Bros have also initiated in May 1999 a 15 track Pixies tribute compilation.

Tribute To The Pixies (Invisible Records, 2000)

Tribute made by Japanese experimental and punk bands.

Hey - A Pixies Tribute (FrankBlack.net, 2003)

This download-only album compiles Pixies covers recorded by 22 FrankBlack.net members. A "B-sides" download-only album (compiling songs which haven't been selected for the "Album") is also in progress.

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