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The Martinis
The Martinis

The Martinis, featuring Joey Santiago on guitars and Linda Mallari on vocals and piano, will release their first official full-length album, Smitten, through Distracted Records (due on May 4, 2004). Two songs of the album are downloadable for free on Distracted Records' site.

An exclusive Martinis EP (entitled The Smitten Sessions EP) is already available only at independent record stores. This very limited edition EP includes new singles, rare demos, an exclusive Martinis track as well as a rare/exclusive instrumental from a Joey Santiago.

Street Date: May 4, 2004
LP Catalog No: 80119-01174-2
Distracted Records/BMG

1. Flyer
2. Right Behind You
3. You Are The One
4. New Scene
5. Out Upon The Road
6. Wishful Thinking
7. Walls Of Silence
8. Invisible
9. Big Three Wheeler
10. People In The World
11. Into The Meadow

The Smitten Sessions EP
The Smitten Sessions EP
Street Date: EP ships to stores April 6, 2004
Catalog No: Distracted 010
Distracted Records

1. You Are The One
2. Right Behind You (from Smitten)
3. Right Behind You (demo version)
4. Out Upon The Road (from Smitten)
5. Out Upon The Road (demo version)
6. Walls Of Silence (demo version)
7. Such A Fake (exclusive track)
8. Skater Pink (exclusive instrumental track from Joey Santiago)

Interesting note: David Lovering plays on Track 5!

You can already pre-order a limited edition autographed copy of the upcoming album!

Joey and Linda were kind enough to give us an interview, exclusive to AlecEiffel.net, where they talk, amongst other things, about Smitten, their Philippine roots, their gear and... the Pixies!

Want to know more about the Martinis? Read their biography or visit their official site!

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