Pixies Fan Survey

Looking for new ideas for making Alec Eiffel evolve, we found out that we really like to read things about the people who access the page, and are kind enough to send us their feedback. We often ask ourselves questions about Pixies fans, such as: How many of them already knew the Pixies while they still existed and how many since then? Did the fabulous success of The Breeders bring new fans? Do all people care about the lyrics? How old are Pixies fans? ... We also wanted to know more about how Alec Eiffel is perceived.

This is why we made this survey. If you have some time and some interest for it, answer all or some of the questions below, and press the button. If we get enough contributions, we will of course make a summary on the page!

Note: we sometimes propose possible answers to questions, but you are always free to type in your own text and skip any question you are not inspired with.

Some basic information about yourself
Your name?
Your email address?
How old are you?
Are you Male or Female?
Where are you from?
Something more to say about yourself (e.g. your occupation)?
Another question you'd like to see in this part of the survey?
The Pixies and you
As far as you remember, when did you discover the Pixies?
How did you discover them?
What was the first Pixies record you bought or taped?
Name one band/artist you would compare to the Pixies (by any aspect)
In short, what makes the Pixies so special to you? 1:
Do you care about the Pixies lyrics?
Qualify The Pixies in one or a few words
How would you rate the importance of the Pixies in rock history?
List some other bands/artists you like
Another question you'd like to see in this part of the survey?
Alec Eiffel and you
Is it the first time you visit Alec Eiffel?
How often do you visit or expect to visit AE?
Did you learn something with AE?
What section(s) do you prefer on AE?
What are your least preferred sections on AE?
What else would you like to see on AE?
Something more to say about Alec Eiffel?
Another question you'd like to see in this part of the survey?

Thanks very much!

Last Updated 11-30-98