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Come on Pilgrim/Surfer Rosa Era

Promo postcard for V23 using a detail from Gigantic baby.jpg

surfer1.jpg surfer2.jpg surfer3.jpg surfer4.jpg
Set of four 4AD promo postcards for Surfer Rosa

Autographed UK vinyl album
Autographed Surfer Rosa UK vinyl album

Doolittle Era

doopc1.jpg doopc2.jpg doopc3.jpg doopc4.jpg doopc5.jpg doopc6.jpg doopc7.jpg doopc8.jpg doopc9.jpg doopc0.jpg
Set of 9 promo postcards, and its paper folder.

bell.jpg pc_hcym.jpg
Promo postcard, basically the same as one of the cards from the postcard set but with a little extra Promo postcard for Here Comes Your Man

Promo sticks
Christophe is desperately looking for this item. If you can help, please contact him

UK Postcard Spike Sticker Doolittle Songbook
UK postcard "Spike" sticker Doolittle songbook

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