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Monkey Gone To Heaven
NME, March 1989

All the smart bastards are mixing strings with grunge guitars nowadays and the Pixies are no exception. Snarled vocals, sci-fi lyrics, and the usual molten lava flow of guitars burn another crater where your ears used to be. 'Monkey Gone To Heaven' pukes acid and poetry into America's AOR heartland before being splattered by the faster and more direct sting of the second track 'Manta Ray'.


Dig For Fire
In Melody Maker, November 1990

"Winterlong" is the best song here, and has the most fervour. So it should be - it's a Neil Young song. Rarely have Black Francis and Kim Deal sounded so distressingly in harmony with one another. Most definitely worth purchasing for. The title track is bollocks. I'm sorry, but there it is. It sounds like an outtake from "Come On Pilgrim", it doesn't have the redeeming surf harmonies of a "Velouria", say, and, no, it doesn't event bloody HINT at The Scream. I'm being harsh, of course - but it is the Pixies, and they are (still) the best rock'n'roll combo in the cosmos, and they are on auto-pilot here. Great guitar from Joey, though. Good on ya, Joey.
Everett True


From Q #78, March 1993
Guide to the best grunge

Possibly the most traditional grungers. Lyrically they were of the "must be a devil between us or whores in my head" vein. Musically they screeched, but always melodically. Doolittle is the point at which their indie sensibility and aspirations to greater things met. Like Neil young producing someone else.

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